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Religious freedoms in Sudan

Report by: Neimat alnaiem

Sudan is a country of cultural diversity where several tribes and ethnic groups of Museums and Christians  are lived cohesively . These ethnic groups are considered the real components of the Sudanese society . They all live in coexistence practicing different prayers and believes frankly without any interference from either the government or citizens in Sudan. There are many religious sects of Christians and Coptic distributed in all parts of Sudan . As an example the Coptic in Khartoum as well as in Atabra and Shendi in the river nile state ,port Sudan in the red sea state , Kosti in the white nile. Obeid in north kordfan. In Sudan you can find Muslim's and Christians in the one family as in some areas in Nuba areas . It is also noticeable that you find Mosques and Churches in the same towns and cities where both do their prayers, in addition to the intimate relations of friendship , neighborhood or even marriage .you never find any sort of internal or borders religious  disputes in Sudan as in other neighboring countries.

Sudan as a Muslim state where Muslim's represent 96% and Christians are only % after the session of Southern Sudan in 2011. It is not an issue for the US administration
to put Sudan in the list of religious persecution.This decision issued by the the US administration on 4 th January is contradicted with the lifting of Us economic sanctions in last October 2017.In addition to the visits of US top governmental officials to Sudan followed lifting of these sanctions . US said in statements that Sudan is fulfilled positive progress in combating terrorism . Three months later US accused Sudan as one of the states of religious persecution . This decision may has negative impact on the political and economic and before that the religious external relations .It may also affect on the the influx of foreign investments expect to come to Sudan after lifting of US sanctions  .
The historic visit of Justin Welby ,the Archbishop of Canterbury of London to Sudan and his meetings with Christians in Khartoum and Obeid in north kordfan , is considered an eye witness for religious coexistence and religious freedoms . This visit sent messages to the whole world show the real image of Sudan through western religious top leaders.
Sudanese ministry of foreign affairs expressed it's deep sorrow for such a decision . We expect more from the whole society not only ministry of foreign affairs . We need to show the reality of Sudan . It is our responsibility to tell others how Muslim and Christian live in the side one family ,one  village town and city .
Let the mass media play it's role in reflecting the real positive image of Sudan .Let us show that in the Sudanese drama, poetry. We need to correct the negative image about religious coexistence and religious freedoms in Sudan .


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