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Available opportunities for promoting Sudanese American relations within the current changes

The Global Relations Center (GRC) has organized its weekly periodical forum on Tuesday 3/5/2016 at the premises of the center in Khartoum, under the title “Available opportunities for promoting Sudanese American relations within the current changes”.

The above mentioned paper presented by Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla (American Global Institute) director of The Humpty Dumpty Institute.

The session attended by experts and academic scholars some are professors in the universities some are ambassadors and research workers.  

Dr. Adil Hassan the director of (GRC) opened the session, he welcomed Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla and the presents. He pointed out the importance of the topic and emphasized on the significance of the strengthening and the development of the relations between Sudan and United States for the mutual interest for the two countries and regional and international interests as well. Then welcomed warmly Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla and introduced him to the presents through his C.V. which is very rich.

Dr. Alsadig Khalafalla started the presentation by welcoming the director of (GRC) Dr. Adil Hassan and the presence. Subsequently he began with the historical relations development between Sudan and the United States. He explained that the relation was starting well and good, but by passage of time had been suffering fluctuations due to some factors and became unstable  and chill relations and even ambiguous.

The best relation established immediately after Sudan got independence in 1956, since then it continued good up to 1975. However, the year 1966 witnessed the formation of the Arab alliance that supported Soviet Union against capitalism lead by United States and Arab-Israeli war in 1967 led to the deterioration of the relationship between two nations. Then Sudan restored good relations with United States when a communist parry in Sudan made a coup against president Numeri in 1971, the coup failed, and Sudan immediately directed towards United States and Egypt. Subsequently Sudan relations with United States normalized and strengthened, but unfortunately, without economic benefits, merely (shell relations). During the period between 1976-1989 the relations was stable as compared with the period during 1989 to 2000 when the relation curve came down because of incidents of explosion of American embassies in some African countries (Kenya and Tanzania), the assassination attempt of president Hossny Mubarak and the destruction of Shiffa pharmaceutical factory in Khartoum by American attack.

These incidents succeeded by imposed of United States sanctions  against Sudan in 1997.

He added that the US policy agreed with the regimes or governments, not because of adopting democracy but because of the supporting the US policies and strategy, taking in view that the US diplomacy based on internal changes, these changes or factors govern and determine the US movement with Cuba and Iran.

The democratic party view is that it is the right time to solve the problem with Sudan because the condition is getting favorable, due to the regional changes and the important role of Sudan, more over the president of Somalia visited United States via Sudan and when he met United States president and state minister he reflected the assistances Sudan provided to Somalia, this action considered a positive indication by the United States about Sudan in connection with the United States foreign policy. 

Regarding the civil society organizations Dr. Khalafalla said he met some civil society organizations and there is a coordination with them, Mr. Isam Elshaikh and with advocate syndicate as well.

Dr. Khalaflalla appreciate very much the (GRC) stating that the (GRC) has been playing a commendable role in strengthening and developing the Sudanese relations with United States in particularly. He committed to continue the coordination and cooperation with (GRC) and he is preparing visits for GRC delegate to an American counterpart centers (Brookings institute US institute of peace and media center).

A chance had been provided to these centers after arrangements they spoke about the sanctions and its adversely effects on education resulted in a particularly lifting of the sanctions in the field of education.

Reported By: Hamid Ahmed 


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