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The importance of the international partnership on the environmental issues on approach to develop the Sudan foreign relations

The Global Relations Center (GRC) has organized its periodical forum on Monday 11\4\2016 at the premises of the center in Khartoum, the forum held under the title “The importance of the international partnership on the environmental issues on approach to develop the Sudan foreign relations”.

The topic presented by H.E minister of the Ministry of Environment, Physical Development and Natural Resources, and constructive development, Dr. Hassan AbdElgadir Hilal.

H.E the minster has presented a valuable comprehensive paper on the environment and climate explaining the different historical development on environment which has passed since 1855, emphasizing on the drastic changes occurred during the last six decades, He pointed out the importance of the healthy and clean environment to the human being. The world pay attention to the environment when an American woman (Roche Confort) has written a book in 1961 titled (Silent Spring), she drew attention of the world to the environment changes that took place at that time, The observations and ideas the book contained has finally led to the international conferences on the environment. The first international conference on the environment held in Stockholm in 1972 where as in Sudan, some environmental measures has been adopted in 1962. The minster explained that the global warming increased the heat of the earth by merely one degree but caused destructive effects in the environment in the form of floods, drought, desertification that led to the displacement influx of refugees conflicts and wars, in addition to chemical steams and diesel that come out from the industrial machines of the factories and other mechanical inventions, therefor the world recognized the global warming and environmental and climatic changes particularly the industrial countries led by the United States whose recognition meant to protect their industries, He said the environment crises is a cultural crises as the forest eradicated by man without substitute  and subsequently the green cover disappeared at the same time the businessmen say the industry will not stop that means the carbon dioxide will continue to be released from the industries causing global warming beside environmental pollution, He stated clearly that the policy of threatening, economical sanction and wars are no more benefit or applicable with the environmental issues and should not be involved with the environment issues. The world should consolidate in a full cooperation and collaboration to confront the problems of the environmental issues. He stated that it is a suitable time for Sudan who can easily negotiate or discuss with all countries in the world the issues of the environment as it become a jeopardizing phenomenon, he added that the environment is becoming more dangerous than nuclear bomb and disclosed that connection phenomena done by German who linked water, energy and food. This will provide a chance or an opportunity for the Sudan to exploit its natural resources and environment issues to develop its international foreign relations, as Sudan has already been in the link, and included.

This explain obviously the importance to Sudan to be opened to the world and got the confidence to develop relations with the international community especially with USA and other countries, in a joint work and partnership. The environmental issues could be an approach to discuss the substitute energy with friendly environmental development, as a new diplomacy channel through international partnership on the environmental issues.

The topic attracted the participants who contributed through interventions and observations and ideas, the session concluded with useful recommendations.


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