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Sudanese-American relations and its future prospects

Global Relations Center (GRC) organized a one-day workshop under the theme (Sudanese-US relations and its future prospects), at Assalam Rotana Hotel in Khartoum on Sunday, February 7, 2016. The workshop has been organized in the presence of American delegation comprised of Christopher Shaz (a former Senator), Dr. Philip Giraldi and Dr. Douglas Bandow who is a senior fellow at the Cato Institute, specializing in foreign policy and civil liberties. He worked as special assistant to President Ronald Reagan and works as an editor of the political magazine Inquiry. The workshop was attended by more than 25 specialists, academicians and diplomats who specialized in the issue of Sudanese American relations.

In his paper (American-Sudanese Relations from an American perspective), Dr. Douglas Bando denounced the American sanctions on Sudan and pointed out the need to work on constructive engagement between the two countries. Sudanese perspective on the matter was presented by Dr. Hassan Haj Ali, while detailed and statistical data on the impact of US Economic Sanctions on Sectors and People in Sudan was presented by Dr. Osama Ahmed Idrous. A fruitful discussion took place during the sessions before concluding with recommendations to further advance American-Sudanese Relations.

The American delegations were also greeted with a busy program after the workshop. Lengthy meetings were conducted with several Sudanese officials and activists and visits to different areas in Sudan including North Darfur.


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