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US elections of 2016 and its impact on the situation in Sudan

Chair: Dr Taj al-Din al-Sanusi
Paper: Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih
Discussion: Ambassador Muawiya Osman Khalid

The Center for Global Relations (GRC) commenced its weekly forum on Saturday, January 23, 2016 at the headquarters of the center in a session titled American elections of 2016 and its impact on the situation in Sudan. chaired by Dr. Taj al-Din al-Sanusi the  session presented a paper by Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih, Sudan's ambassador to Jordan, while Ambassador Muawiya Osman Khalid, Sudan's ambassador in the United States, officiated the discussion on the matter.  At the beginning of the Forum, Dr. Adel Hassan, director of the Center welcomed the participants and stressed the importance of paper under discussion.
Ambassador Sadiq al-Faqih gave a comprehensive review on American Presidential Electoral system. He showed that the Presidential election is an indirect election, with the winner being determined by votes cast by electors of the Electoral College. In modern times, voters in each state select a slate of electors from a list of several states designated by different parties or candidates, and the electors typically promise in advance to vote for the candidates of their party. The winner of the election is the candidate with at least 270 Electoral College votes. It is possible for a candidate to win the electoral vote, and lose the (nationwide) popular vote.


Ambassador Muawiya Osman Khalid stressed that there are great opportunities for Sudan to improve relations with the United States after the election. He pointed that there will be no escalation against Sudan especially during the immediate period after the election. In general it will be an opportunity to review on setting Sudan’s agenda towards the US and to concentrate on internal reform.

Other participants; ambassadors, academicians and activist gave more insight to the topic through discussion.


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