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Sudanese - US Relations Opportunities and Threats..

Sudanese - American relations opportunities and threats to re - establish relations The Center for International Relations presented a seminar entitled "Sudanese-American Relations Opportunities and Threats to Re-establish Relations" at the Center's headquarters on 19 November 2018. The paper was presented by Dr. Khalid Hussein and attended by a number of experts, researchers and interested parties.

The paper presented the importance of working on the Orientalism of the second phase of the Sudanese-American dialogue and working on accurate reading on the five axes put forward by the American side.


He pointed to the importance of thinking the way the Americans think that the Sudanese are interested in the deep concepts, unlike Americans care only to protect themselves and also The need to know the culture of the American people as well as the importance of outside the Fund and rely on scientific analysis in relation to the relationship between the two countries and work on attaining the experiences of some countries in its relations with the international community such as the State of Qatar, despite its small size Geographically but benefited from the economic aspect in dealing with the international community and took a good life as well as the state of Iran, which worked on studying the relationship with the international community and America and the Americans could not, despite the poor relations to hit the Iranian nuclear reactor note that they hit the Iraqi nuclear reactor and Syria. And the power of the Shiite sect that controls the entire Iranian state.


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