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ISIS and the West..Values Conflict or Interests Gains?

The GRC has organized on December 1, 2015 its periodical forum, under the title “The conflict between Islamic State and the West is it Values Conflict or Interests Gains? 

Dr. Hassan Hussain, the Lecturer at Gezira University, Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, presented this paper.

 The Director of the GRC pointed out ISIS imposed itself strongly on the international arena. Despite the fact that some observers consider ISIS as a terrorist movement, others believe that it is western made. However, it is viewed as a result of the west intervention in the Middle East countries specially in Iraq, Syria as well as in Afghanistan. Recently, (ISIS) extended its activities to Europe and Africa, such developments make it very important to study the roots so as to identify the real causes and their impacts on the area. Consequently, appeared direct confrontations and conflict amongst the countries in the area. Therefore, groups and movement like (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria and other opposition groups, have been formed. So, the international front simultaneously transformed to Algaida, which declared its responsibility of 11 September incidents in 2001. The USA immediately declared the war against the terrorism targeting Algaida and formed international alliance against the terrorism lead by NATO. These are connected with Iraq invasion and lead to the disarmament operations that open, later, the way for the Algaida and ISIS to recruit trained fighters.

The paper also talk about the Arab spring revolutions broke out in 2010, which led in most of these countries to killing, infrastructure destruction and political disability, as it is obvious in Libya and Syria which turned to an international battle field due to the regional and international armed interventions that resulted in huge numbers of refugees from Iraq and Syria influx to Europe where they have been rejected in most cases. 

The conflict between the west and Islamic state (ISIS) started after cold war and subsequently religion conflict enter as a new factor. The eighteenth period witnessed new developments and transformation as the Islamic combatants (Mujahdeen movement) entered Afghanistan to fight the Russian invasion troops, with the support of the west particularly the United States. The Russian troops defeated and chased out Afghanistan. The Islamic fighters returned home but their governments did not receive them. They form the so-called (Arab Afghan) and later transformed to an international front targeting the western interests; the carried out the explosions of US embassies at Nairobi and Darussalam 1998.

It is asserted that the roots of jihadist terrorism lie not in Islam but in the myriad historical crimes and injustices of Western, and specifically U.S.-driven, imperialism—most notably, in the post-9/11 era, the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Jihadist violence, from this perspective, is an inevitable reaction fueled by Muslim anger and vengeance; and Westernized jihadists, far from rejecting the civilized norms and ideals proclaimed by the West, are in fact alienated from a West that excludes, demeans, and harasses Muslims. 

A selected group of researchers and experts attended the forum.  


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