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Evolution of the Sudanese- American Relations

The Global Relations Centre has organized its periodic symposium, entitled this time as: "the Evolution of the Sudanese- American Relations" on the 14th February 2018.  The symposium was presented by the Ambassador Dr. Suleiman Mustafa who thanked the GRC for its efforts in dealing with this crucial and important issue, saying that Sudan has seriously affected by the economic sanctions during the last three decades.


The symposium focused on the following points:
•    The Sudanese- American Relations were built on Sudan internal policy (the five tracks and other sub-tracks; Human Rights, Religious freedom, challenges, lack of proper internal strategy).
•    Sudan could be the most vital partner for the USA, comparing with its neighbors; Chad, Egypt, Ethiopia, Libya, Uganda and Kenya.

The following recommendations are proposed by the Dr. Suleiman Mustafa:
-    Elaborating an urgent plan aiming to normalize the Sudanese- American Relations.
-    Avoiding any possible clashes with the USA (North Korea).
-    The USA has to respect the Sudanese interests; regionally and internationally.
-    The USA has to be aware that the Sudan would never represent any threats to the American national security.
-    The geopolitical position of Sudan guaranties the stability of its neighboring countries.


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