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The role of the parliament diplomacy to strengthen the Sudan foreign relations

As a part of its scheduled activities, GRC has organized a forum on Saturday, November 28th 2015 under the title “The role of the parliament diplomacy to strengthen the Sudan foreign relations”.

Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Eldaw, the chief of the foreign relations committee at the parliament has presented a paper in the forum under the title “The roles, activities and the vision of the committee. Dr. Mohamed has pointed out the important and vital activities the committee achieved since he has taken the responsibility, in addition to the foreign participation abroad. He explained the executive role of the committee beside its main role e.i legislation and monitoring as well. The new additional role of the committee extended to endavour to constitute regional engagement like Arabic parliament, African parliament and great lakes countries parliament, and also international associations like European parliament and pacific parliament.

To cope with the global developments and in order to foster the effects taken by the international association parliament in dealing with international peace and security. He briefed the participants that Sudan is enjoying a membership of eleven international associations parliament and other twenty organizations and corporations and foundations, which are well connected or related with parliament.


The paper draw attention to the communication revolution that sometimes affected adversely the sovereignty of the countries in connection with the hot issues mainly poverty control, women empowerment, the millennium goals, internal conflicts or civil wars, local laws and legislations and political stabilities. The paper covered the topic in scientific and comprehensive aspect that confirm its importance. 


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