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The Role of Gum Arabic in Reinforcing International Relations


The Global Relations Center held on October 6, 2015 a lecture on Gum Arabic in the Sudan presented by Dr. / Abdel Majid Abdel Qader of the Secretary-General of the Council of Sudanese Gum Arabic in which he pointed out that Sudan produces about 80% of the world production of gum. During the period from 1906 until 1920 Gum Arabic represented the second place in Sudan exports with cotton.

 Now, Sudan exported only 8% of its production.

Gum Arabic was based on a group of foreign individuals and some Sudanese families for a long time; but in 1969, the Minister of Provisions and Internal Trade then Professor / Abel Alier issued Arabic Gum decision to grant the company exclusive franchise for the export of Gum Arabic (raw).This decision authorized the company the right to buy gum from authorized agents and sponsors and to prepare quality and shipping schedules and all the procedures that will support and develop gumexport.

Concerning the export of Gum Arabic, the National Company referred toa group of European companies. Thesecompanies monopolized the global market of gum and control its prices.

This situation formed a barrier before a direct relationship between global gum companies and Sudan.

The Gum Arabic sector in Sudan needs more attention by Government and the international community. The development of this sector depends on dealing with the development of the capacity of local producers,the development of their communities, to promote environmental awareness among them in order to increase productivity and work on the sustainability of Gum Arabic trees production, protection from illegal logging and to develop alternatives to the use of wood by residents.

In addition, the expansion of tree belts and plans to invite local and international private sector to invest in this domain. Moreover, to the introduction of modern technology in farming, harvesting and conduct scientific research associated with Gum Arabic. The Gum Arabic sector development in Sudan is very important to achieve development and to prevent conflicts and wars in the production areas and to achieve peace.

It is worth mentioning that the Arabic gum is a very important commodity which used in food industry and medical drugs in the world.


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