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The state of the Sudanese-American relations & their prospects development

In collaboration with the National Center for Media Production and under the auspices of the Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman , the  Global Relations Centre (GRC) held on 25 October 2016, at al-Shaheed Al-Zubair Hall, the conference of ‘ the state of the Sudanese-American relations &  their prospects development’ , under the motto "Towards better Sudanese-American relations."
The opening session of the conference was addressed by the Minister of Information Dr. Ahmed Bilal Osman, who welcomed the American delegation, participants and the attendees, praising the role of the organizers and pointed the importance of the national studies centers and their growing role in confronting major challenges and issues that support the decision-makers basing on the findings of the experts, scientists and specialists.

The inaugural session was also addressed by the Director of Center for International Relations Dr. Adil Hassan Mohamed Ahmed who welcomed the guests and the attendees and highlighted the role of research centers in addressing national issues and challenges. Dr. Habbani al- Hadi Director of the National Center for Media Production, from his part, confirmed the importance of the role of the media center and the importance of the media in general to clarify the facts and enlighten the public about the impacts of economic sanctions on the Sudanese society.
A considerable number of experts, scientists and specialists honored the conference. After extensive deliberations through the four papers presented by experts and specialists, the conference concluded valuable recommendations.


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