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GRC communications with foreign counterpart centers “The Carter Center”

The GRC received this week one of the great figures from The Carter Center. Dr. John Goodman, the associated director of Carter (Conflict resolution program). He has visited the Global Relations Centre (GRC) on Monday 24 July 2016, with the aim to meet the director of the GRC. The meeting held including the director General of (GRC) Dr. Adil Hassan and the deputy director Mr. Hamid Ahmed and Dr. John Goodman from The Carter Center. The visit came in the consequent of GRC initiative to open relations with foreign counterpart centers with the aim of communications and cooperation in the issues of mutual interests.

At the beginning of the meeting, held in the office of the director of (GRC), Dr. Adil Hassan welcomed Dr. John and introduced Mr. Hamid the deputy director of GRC and thanked Dr. John for visiting GRC. He briefed Dr. John about the GRC center, its objectives, role and scope of work. He pointed out the major activities of GRC, focusing on Sudan foreign relations. Subsequently the center has been endeavoring simultaneously to strengthen Sudan foreign relations, in particularly, with United States. Mr. Hamid added that The Carter Center has been maintaining a strong relations with Sudan that had played – before the separation of the south – a role of peace mediation between the government of Sudan and SPLM (led by John Garang at that time) since 1989, when OLS program started in South Sudan, in addition to health programs.


Dr. John Goodman thanked the director general of GRC and his deputy for welcoming him and for the invitation extended to him by GRC, to participate in the periodical forum of GRC. He gave a good briefing about The Carter Center in general and its achievement in Sudan in particular, he reflected the services that The Carter Center extended in the field of peace, health, training and other programs. He quoted that The Carter Center mediated between Sudan and Uganda in 1999, also cease-fire realization in Sudan 1995 to allow the treatment of Guinea worm disease and river blindness. He emphasized the interest of The Carter Center to work in peace process in South Sudan state, to push the peace process there to stop the bloody conflict breakout and escalating dramatically.

The meeting discussed the Sudan experience in solving its problems, through local mechanism (local administration or traditional), reconciliations and the national dialogue. Sudan has a firm knowledge about South Sudan state as it was a part of Sudan before the separation therefore, well acquainted with South Sudan state pertaining to the prevailing development situations and the complications created by the recent bloody conflict.

The negative impacts of this conflict will definitely affect Sudan adversely, due to the huge refugees influxes who escape to Sudan from the war seeking for peace, food and shelter. Based on these facts, Sudan need to be assisted to become able to play its role in South Sudan state, to participate in peace realization, and permanent stability. Subsequently the United States is required to normalize its relation with Sudan and lift the embargo and economic sanctions on Sudan.

We believe that The Carter Center is able to play a role – being an international peace mediator – to improve the relation between United States and Sudan, to create favorable circumstances for peace process to be mobilized by Sudan in South Sudan state. This action tally with the aims of The Carter Center in connection with peace, at the same time provide a suitable chance for a wide area for cooperation between the two centers.


The conclusion of the meeting:

1-The two centers will cooperate to push the peace process in South Sudan state by providing depth of studies and researches and suggest initiatives. The conflict should be stopped, and favorable conditions must be created and provided for applicable peace process and reconciliation.

2-The meeting outcome shall be a base for a cooperation of framework of visits exchange lectures delivered by experts in issues of interest of the two centers and training and other relevant programs for cooperation.

3-The Carter Center expected to work to improve the relations between US and Sudan in a continuation of its previous role of mediation in this connection.

4-In this respect it is expected that Dr. John will come to Sudan to deliver a speech on the prospect of Sudanese American relations and peace process in South Sudan state as well.

5-The two centers will promote their relations and cooperation for peace and stability and other relevant programs. 


Hamid Ahmed

Deputy D.G. (GRC)


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