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Minster of tourism : Tourism is the Making of of beauty …. And we should do it better

Minister of Tourism , Archaeology , and wild life Mohamad Abozied Mustafa described tourism " the Making of beauty, through which all society sectors could get more and more benefit.


"If we work hard and improved our skills to improve the beauty of tourism via ameliorating our historical heritages and tourist places , we could get a sustainable tourism for sustainable development, not only in the attractive tourism regions but also in all Sudan. 


Addressing a public rally at the tourist city "Al-bajraoih " on occasion of " Tourism -World Day" minister Mustafa said " All Sudanese people could joint in field of tourism because it provide work opportunities for all, what reduce problem of jobless.

Slogan of World Day of tourism was " Tourism a tool for sustainable development|" . in the same context minister Mustafa indicated that there is clos relation between promoting sector of tourism and economic development in its general concept.


Rate of financial Dependency in Sudan very high , as it continued semi - fixed in (2006-2015 ) in between 80.6% to 79.2%. It means about 20% of population are spending on 80%. And means also 32 million person from total population of about 40 million are depending financially on salaries and income of 8 million person only according to statistics issued by World Bank. 


Jobless registered higher rates from total manpower during those years the statistics said and pointed that the rate reached to (3) from each (20) person , while increased among youth to 5 each 20 person. In general 9 from each 20 person according to poverty index issued by World Bank. In addition 3 of each youth in age of work are financial depend on others and also 1 of each 5 elders are depend on others financially. 


Secretary general of United Nation World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) Amen Al- rufaee said in his speech of Tourism world day that tourism is the third biggest exporting sector in world after chemical substances and fuel. Adding " Tourism brings hope, prosperity, and good understanding for large number of people and strengthen methods of livelihoods in all world.


(UNWTO) expected that number of tourists who cross the international borders during few coming years will increase to 1.8 billion tourist comparing with 1.2 billion tourist last year. As the organization launch a global question for All ,specially who concerned with tourism ministries , How could we utilize this Cross- borders tourist power to support sustainable development including achieving a comprehensive economic progress , providing suitable work opportunities , empowering rural communities , securing environment and respecting the cultural diversity in world?.


Ministry of tourism in Sudan aim to increase the number of tourists coming to Sudan within next 2020 to 2 million tourist , according to state minister of tourist Adel Dlgo and pointed to great necessity of tourism in balance of payments to many countries in recent time.


"This increase needs unifying efforts to build tourist purposes in private and public sectors , strengthen processes of training , achieve the professional quality and adding new tracks to tourism movement in states in addition to processes of marketing which targeted to make Sudan attractive place for all tourist in world state minster Dlgo said.


"Our global village can not flourish without sustainable development and humanitarian Tolerance Under Secretary of the ministry Dr. Graham Abdul Gader said and continued we also work to dovetail state and federal policies and plans with activities of tourism companies and |academic institutions to build qualified sector of tourism that enable to realize more progress and promotion for tourism fields in Sudan 


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